Saturday, 11 February 2012

Five Fabulous Fings on Friday – Be My Valentine?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I decided I simply must write a Valentine’s themed “Five Fabulous Fings on Friday” post.  Many cynical people dismiss Valentine’s day as 'a marketing ploy designed by hallmark’; but I disagree – any day that is designed to celebrate your love for someone has to be a good thing!  All you need is love!

So instead of buying into boring, corporate Valentine’s Day cards, why not take the opportunity to get crafty and do a little DIY or support handmade; to show the person you love how much you adore them?!  There are so many fun and creative Valentine’s Day ideas out there, so here is a round-up of my favourites.

#1 Red Velvet Hot Chocolate
red velvet hot choc

Cosy up with your sweetheart for a homemade Red Velvet hot chocolate date using this sweet recipe from Elsie and Emma.

#2 Sweetheart Candies Colour Palette

Are you a colour lover too?  Inject a bit of colour into your lives with Pugly Pixel’s photographs of sweetheart candies.  I love the mouth-wateringly delicious pastel colour palette, and all the silly message on the love hearts!

#3 DIY Love Struck Place Cards 

Shoot cupid’s arrow through your lover’s heart; or make these Love Struck place cards from Fellow Fellow to jazz up yer table.

#4 Valentine’s Friendship Bracelets

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be for couples!  Show your girlfriends you care, and make them a Valentine’s Friendship Bracelet with this tutorial from the Purl Bee.  As always from the Purl Bee, you can expect excellent step-by-step instructions and gorgeous, colourful photography.

#5 Nail Heart DIY
heart nails

Treat your fingertips to a bit of  TLC with Dana’s easy-peasy pretty Nail Heart DIY on her dreamy blog, Wonder Forest.

If that’s not enough for you, why not make some Valentine’s Decorations; transform a cardigan or send a card. What tricks have you got up your sleeves for your sweethearts for Valentine’s Day? 

Big love and bon weekend friends, Katie. xxx


  1. Fantastic!

    I'm the craft & design blogger at the new blog 'Ma Bicyclette' and have added your shop to my list of things to blog about :)

  2. If I hadn't fallen in love with your blog with the name, the red velvet hot chocolate did me in! I'm adding you to my reader!

    gilead in bloom

  3. Ma Bicyclette! Love your inspiring and zen-like blog, and wweeoooohhhooooooO!!! - That is grrrreat news!!! I look forward to being blogged about by your Lovely self! :) How very kind and encouraging! I've added your blog :) xxx

    Victoria! Glad you love the name, and isn't the red velvet hot choc too yummy for words?! Hope you enjoy my little blogolito, I have added your blog too. Very nice to meet you! xxx

  4. this is super dreamy! i cannot wait to read more posts like this, your blogs so inspiring. Following.

    Sincerely, Alexa x and

  5. Thank you Alexa, great to hear from you! Glad you like it, thanks for the lovely encouraging words. Looking forward to writing more posts that make people excited! Love your blog, and Ma Bicyclette, super cool ideas you have there, lady! :) Katie. xxx


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