Saturday, 18 June 2011

New Thing #16 New Blogs I Love

I LOVE the age we live in, I love the internet, I love blogs, I love connecting with people who are halfway across the world and discovering they are just like you, I love sharing ideas and making new friends.  I love that we all the have chance to publish our ideas and projects and work, equally.  I love that the internet will let you make a living from doing something you love - as long as you work hard at making it great, and wisely using the great resources of the world wide web.

I've just discovered a whole new pile of blogs and people and work that I absolutely adore, and can't believe I haven't heard of before!  It's all a great journey of imaginary friends!  :)

The Crafty Crow is  a beautiful Children's Craft Collective.  Loads of bright, colourful craft inspiration for little kids (and not-so-little-kids too!).  Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst  (who I joyfully discovered the other day when I posted about her amazing Carved Polymer Clay Tutorial) did a guest post tutorial to make these cute Queen's Guard Peg Dolls for The Crafty Crow's A Book and A Craft series in which guest creators choose their favourite children's book and give a craft tutorial to make something inspired from the book.                                         


Thank you Nancy for kindly introducing me to Zephyr Blog, which is written by Sarah and is a wonderful emporium of knitting patterns, great photos, and fun ideas. 


I love Ana Pina! And would really like to be her friend!  She's a Portuguese lady, who trained as an architect, and now makes gorgeous jewelery, writes her super blog, and travels, taking pictures like this.

Her blog is written in Portuguese and English, so I am planning on reading it in both languages so that I can learn portuguese (one of my goals for this summer!) 
She's also started a brilliant Interview Series, where she has just interviewed my favourite illustrator ever, Nancy, who is the wonder behind Pretty Little Thieves (and who made my beautiful blog banner for me!)

Here's one of Nancy's colourful drawings that was feautured in the interview, I am absolutely in love with her work, you must go and look some more!


I can't get enough of Liz King's illustration, it just kicks ass!  She's a designer/ illustrator who lives in London, and in her work she mixes bold graphic pattern and crochet!  She's an absolute genius of design, and writes a heartwarming blog.


I've been reading Our City Lights for a few months now, but haven't previously mentioned it - written by Diana, who loves books, crafts, photography and tattoos!

Through her blog, I discovered this little nugget of brilliance: jewelery by Eva of No Milk Today. Guess what materials she uses to create these pieces?
.....It's made out of Polymer Clay!  Yep that's right - Fimo!!!!  I can't quite believe my eyes!


Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has also written a list of favourite blogs - Our City Lights was one of them - go Diana!  I also found this beautifully photographed tutorial for friendship bracelets by Honestly...WTF through her list.......
.......which then led me to find a tutorial for this woven chain bracelet, which I am making ASAP!  Merci Elsie!  :)


And finally last but not least, Print & Pattern is an online encyclopedic celebration of the world of print, pattern and surface design.  I love this feature they did of fabrics by Josephine Kimberling.

Old film cameras and hula hoops set off with bright, colourful, patterned fabric - HURRAH!!!

So to end this fantastically long and even-longer-to-put-together blog post:  My extremely talented singer-songwriter-guitarist-folkstar friend Megan Henwood's song Hope on The Horizon has been chosen as the Record of the Day. You can listen to it here.  Her debut album Making Waves will be released on the 4th July and you'll be able to purchase it via itunes.  Meanwhile, go and listen to her music, she is a wonderful woman, and I am as proud as can be of her. 

Je suis une monstre, over and out.  xxxxxxx


  1. Thank you so much for including The Crafty Crow in this wonderful group of blogs!!

  2. No problemo, Cassi! I'm glad to have found your site, thanks for making great craft ideas and articles for your beautiful blog. Go check out The Crafty Crow everyone! xxx


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